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Start Your Journey to Power

I am often surprised by how much suffering my patients put up with. Many of them believe that they have ...
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6 Ways to Claim Your Power: Lessons from Mikel Jollett

I recently finished reading Hollywood Park, a memoir written by Mikel Jollett. In this article, I will discuss how the ...
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Eckhart Tolle: Living a Life of Presence Conference

Huntington Beach, CA 11/8/18, First talk given by Eckhart Tolle: Disclaimer: These are the notes I typed up right after ...
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Sibling Abuse Among Twins – Part 2

Almost two years ago I wrote a response to a 13 year old girl who was being abused by her ...
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Link Found Between Use of Some Anti-Anxiety Medications and Alzheimer’s Disease

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) just published a new study with disturbing information. A class of medications called Benzodiazepines which are commonly used by ...
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Dispose of Your Unused Medicine on DEA’s National Take Back Day

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has initiated a National Take Back Day. On April 26th, 2014, you can take your ...
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Introducing Our New Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program

Doctor Beheshti Introduces Healing Path Recovery Over the years of working with clients who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, I ...
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My Mother Does Not Care About Me

A young woman has reached her menses, and feels that her mother does not care about this milestone in her ...
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The Affordable Care Act’s effect on Mental Health Practitioners – By Ali Beheshti, J.D.

Recently, while helping my sister establish an Intensive Outpatient Program for addiction treatment, I have spoken with a number of ...
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Sibling Rivalry Between a Toddler and an Infant

Sibling rivalry is a common occurrence among siblings, especially when a new baby is born. This question was submitted by ...
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