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Depression and Self Harm in a Young Teenager

A teenage girl is having depression, feeling suicidal, and is engaging in self harm behavior. She is asking for ways ...
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How do I Ask Her Out?

Art by Ariana Nouri “How do I ask her out” is a question plaguing the mind of may teenage boys ...
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Teenage Sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Art by Ariana Nouri This article answers a two-fold question: can condoms “totally” prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and is ...
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My Girlfriend May be Pregnant

This article was written in response to a question submitted by a teenager who is afraid his girlfriend may be ...
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Chemical Dependency on Prescription Medications

This article addresses the rapidly growing issue of developing chemical dependency on prescription medications, and what to do about it. ...
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Mindfulness and its Practice in Daily Life – by Dr. Monisha Vasa

Photo by Helen Gilbert I forwarded the following question regarding the practice of mindfulness and its use in daily life ...
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Self-Criticism, and How to Overcome It

Artwork by Alexis Hickox Dear Doctor Life Advice, I cannot live up to the high expectations I set up for ...
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What does the Term “The Addict Brain” mean?

Artwork by Alexis Hickox This article attempts the task of defining “The Addict Brain.” Please note that addiction is a ...
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Surviving Graduate School

Artwork by Khalid Mokhtarzada This article addresses the subject of surviving graduate school by focusing on maintaining self health through ...
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Why Do Cliques Form? What Can We Do About Them?

Artwork by Khalid Mokhtarzada This article addresses the questions of why cliques form and how to deal with them. This ...
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