Personal Growth

What do your relationships say about you?

It was midnight and I was shaking in fear, sitting at the wheel of my car in a pitch dark ...
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Getting to Know You

Have you ever done something and then later thought “what on earth was I thinking?” Do you sometimes wonder why ...
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Time for Bed

Welcome to our fifth and final lesson in our series on self appreciation. Before I get into the final lesson, ...
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Happy to hear from you

Welcome to the fourth lesson in our five-week series on self-appreciation. So far, we have discussed how to start your ...
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A Little Bit of Fresh Air

We have now reached the half-way point in our five-week series on self-appreciation.  I am hoping that by now you ...
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Thank Goodness

Welcome to our second lesson in our five-week series on self-appreciation. Two weeks ago, I sent out a newsletter in ...
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Do this first thing in the morning

Welcome to our first lesson in the five-week series on self-appreciation.  I firmly believe that in order to discover your ...
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Start Your Journey to Power

I am often surprised by how much suffering my patients put up with. Many of them believe that they have ...
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6 Ways to Claim Your Power: Lessons from Mikel Jollett

I recently finished reading Hollywood Park, a memoir written by Mikel Jollett. In this article, I will discuss how the ...
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