What do your relationships say about you?

It was midnight and I was shaking in fear, sitting at the wheel of my car in a pitch dark ...
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Happy to hear from you

Welcome to the fourth lesson in our five-week series on self-appreciation. So far, we have discussed how to start your ...
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My Husband Does Not Understand Me

Question: My husband does not understand my emotional needs and is not supportive of me. Whenever I try to tell ...
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My Wife Refuses Sex and Intimacy – Part Two

Image from Question: I’m having problems in my marriage cause of no intimacy. In other words there is no ...
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Sibling Abuse Among Twins – Part 2

Almost two years ago I wrote a response to a 13 year old girl who was being abused by her ...
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Introducing Our New Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program

Doctor Beheshti Introduces Healing Path Recovery Over the years of working with clients who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, I ...
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My Mother Does Not Care About Me

A young woman has reached her menses, and feels that her mother does not care about this milestone in her ...
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Treating Heroin and Other Opioid Addiction with Medications

Dried Poppyhead There are different opinions on the subject of recovering from addiction and treating heroin and other opioid dependencies ...
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My Mother is Acting Sexually Inappropriate

A 29 year old man is concerned that his mother is acting sexually inappropriate towards him. He is afraid and ...
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Sibling Abuse Among Twins

A question was submitted by a thirteen year old girl who is being abused by her twin brother. She is ...
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